The Abundant Bohemian

The Abundant BohemianDo we pursue our dreams or work a job that provides material success? It’s a choice so many of us struggle to make.

But Joe Downing knows a secret: we don’t have to choose. We can follow our passions and live a life of abundance at the same time. If we give up the illusion of security, take risks and learn from the successes of others, we can all have the lives we were born to live.

Drawing from the inspirational stories of artists, writers, entrepreneurs and other nonconformists, both well-known and living quietly next door, The Abundant Bohemian provides the philosophical paradigm and practical tools to live a more inspired life. A better life is calling each of us. Beyond the corporate and institutional world of western culture, the time and the bliss to follow our passions waits for us.

The Abundant Bohemian was released by Boyle & Dalton in 2014, and is available from all major retailers in both print and digital (e-book) formats.

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