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The Abundant Bohemian book: available now.

I’m proud to announce the release of my book, The Abundant Bohemian: How To Live An Unconventional Life Without Starving in the Process.

About seven years ago I was working 50 plus hours at a law firm and I was miserable.  I was stressed, tired all the time, and depressed.  I thought I hated being a lawyer.  Finally, after two years of fretting over it, I quit the firm and went off on my own.  I was worried to death that I was going to fail, and that held me back for a long time.  But I didn’t.  All my clients came with me, and even though I cut my hours back to 30 a week and took six weeks off my first year, I still did better than I ever did with the firm.  I realized I didn’t hate being a lawyer—I actually liked it.  I just didn’t like doing it all the time.  And the 20 hours a week I wasn’t working now as a lawyer gave me time to write and do other things that I’m passionate about.

So when I conversed with people who complained about their corporate jobs or their cubicle life I became evangelical in encouraging them to quit and start their own businesses or to follow their passions whatever they were.  Some were receptive but many responded with ready-made excuses, inevitably with: it’s easy for you to say: you’re a lawyer.  Lots of lawyers work for themselves.  It’s different for me.

Maybe so.  But I knew a lot of people who weren’t lawyers who were doing exactly what they wanted and were not only not struggling, but were thriving.  And I wanted to know how they did it.  So I spent several years interviewing artists, writers, dancers, sculptors, entrepreneurs and other unconventional people and then I wrote their stories in what became the Abundant Bohemian.

But it became so much more than that.  The stories I heard challenged my whole notion of what it means to have a relationship with money, to be passionate about, and how to find true joy and contentment instead of amusement and distraction.

If you decide to check out the book and enjoy it, please do me a favor and go to Amazon, itunes or Barnes and Noble and give it a review.  That makes a difference in how they rate the book and the exposure it gets.  And if you feel inclined to forward this link to your contacts in social media, I would be forever grateful.  Links to buy the book are below.  Thank you for all the love and support I’ve already received. (print): (e-book):

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