The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

Several months ago I joined The Dirty Gym in Dayton, Ohio and made a commitment with my friend Brent that we would show up every weekday at 7:00 a.m.  And it’s not always easy for the typical reasons: it’s early and it’s hard.  Marcus, our trainer, runs us through the ringer on most days.  But it’s also easier than I expected because of something I didn’t expect:

The sense of community that I obtained by going there.  I found a new tribe.

I really like going because I like seeing, talking with and being around the other people that attend the gym.  We have shared goals.  They are optimistic, positive and supportive.  We tell dirty jokes and laugh a lot.  (There really is nothing you can say about working out “push it” “all the way down” etc. that can’t also apply to sex.).

I found a new tribe and it reminded me how important it is to know what we want and to find like-minded people.  If you want to write a book, join a writer’s group or attend a conference.  You want to hike, join a hiking club.

When taking on something big, willpower alone is not enough.  Willpower is a muscle that can be exhausted and eventually we all run out.  You need others to support and encourage you.  You need positive people who understand the importance of what you are doing.  You need others to celebrate the joy of success when it happens.

Go out and find those people.  If you already have them, reach out to them.  Ease away from relationships with people who don’t share your values or support you.  Give more time to those that do.  Find those who share your colors, paint your faces, and get tribal.