The seven most consistent traits of successful and happy people living an unconventional life.

1. They have a high tolerance for insecurity.  They are willing to step into the dark and unknown rather than stay in a safe, but uninspiring cocoon.

2. They value art, love and experience more than things and status.  They don’t fear money, but they aren’t slaves to it either.  Money is just lower on their value scale than it is for many people.

3. They don’t watch much television, or in many cases, even have one.  Creative expression is more important.

 4. They are passionate about their vocation, whatever that is, and they work really, really hard at it—even if their vocation is not what pays their bills.

5. They have a heightened appreciation the sensual, whether that be food, drink, fashion, painting, dance or sex.

6. They love nature and the outdoors and have a respect for and connection to the natural world that exceeds the average, even if they are urbanites.  They feel a kinship with nature as opposed to a desire to conquer it.

7. They take time to dream and play.  Above all, they are dreamers, schemers, and, as Shel Silverstein wrote, magic bean buyers.  They dance, sing and play the fool.  They are fun people to be around.

 Does this sound like you?  Or who you want to become?  I hope so.  The world needs more abundant bohemians and this blog is about you and for you.  Let’s celebrate and learn together.